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Vaskar Web is a renowned website designer and development company in Kolkata. We also work as a website designers company for the last 7 + years.  Besides website design services, we also provide Android Apps, Social Marketing, and more. Moreover, Our company has also extended our full-stack website design and development services. We serve both local and international clients. 

The team of our company strives to become the leading website designer and development company in Kolkata. Search engine optimization services, graphic design services, and website domain hosting are some profiles we feel comfortable with. We have engaged an expert team to work for us. Its members ensure our clients enjoy hassle-free website design services. We stay operative round-the-clock. 

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Hosting services

Dimain & Hosting

Domain and hosting monthly pay only Rs/ 189.66. No hidden cost

Domain & Hosting

website design

Web Design & Devlope

I shall give you complete Web salutation in perfect price

Web Design & Develope

Mobile app service

Anroid App​

You can get a Anroid App very small budget

Anroid App



I shall do your website search engine optimization And & Social Marketing

SEO & Social Marketing




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.net .biz .in .info .me .mobi .tv .asia


Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

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    Web design and development FAQ

    Hi, as a web developer in Kolkata, I have written a brief description below to let my clients know what it takes to create a website. For creating a website, a web developer needs a domain and hosting. The domain is registered by the name, which can be owned by only the person. Hosting means space, where all the website content represents by development.

    Website Category

    As an example, hosting and domain as a shop with its name written on a signboard. Domain and hosting have yearly charges. Websites are two types-dynamic and static. But clients cannot edit the contents of static websites, except by the web design and web developer Kolkata. The clients, as well as the developers, can edit the contents of the dynamic websites.

    How many kinds of Dynamic websites have we provided

    There are two kinds of dynamic websites- raw coding websites and content management systems websites, i.e. WordPress, Winmix, etc. Moreover, the output of both is the same, But the only difference is the dashboard of both systems.

     The dynamic website design and development advantage

    The web designer and developer make a dashboard according to the client’s requirements creates in the raw coding system. In the content management system, it is difficult to edit the dashboard because if any mistake is made during editing, the website will break down.