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Service brief 


We offer a host of services in the spectrum of web development services in Kolkata. These also constitute Domain Hosting services, Website design, and development services, Graphic Design, and Search Engine Optimization services. Our Website design and development services Kolkata team of experts is comfortable designing and as well as the latest portfolio of E-commerce website services.
Of late, we have acquired specialization over Social Media Marketing. Social Media platforms can gather large traffic around. Therefore, companies feel more interested in scratching those resources. It is sure to help them booster more visits to their websites as well as increase your business. More intrusions mean more conversion. Let us enumerate the services in detail.

Domain Hosting Service

website hosting service

Substitute known as Web Host, allows organizations and individuals to post their unique websites around the world. The provider is called the web host. As a web hosting, our charge becomes providing our clients with technologies and services required for enabling the site or page to be viewed on the internet or SERP. Webpages are hosting by the computer. 

The server will get instructions from the SERP to deliver the details of the webpage on the internet page or SERP. We also help the companies in setting their domain for the above purpose. Besides, we assist them in the purchased domain hosted later by us. 

E-mail Accounts

We expect that our customers should possess a domain. Such possession makes our job easier. Else, we need to arrange for the purchased domain for them.

As the best web development company in Kolkata, we also feel confident in providing such a service. Our clients get the website along with a domain E-mail address. The address is mostly to contact the hosting company for queries or purchasing. But we also create webmail according to our client requirement free.

FTP Access 

FTP access uploading HTML files from the LAN computer is possible. These files are needed to build the website. So with the help of its move the files from the LAN computer to the webserver. Without this, websites will be impossible to access by anyone.

WordPress Support – why is it needed?

 Our clients will get free WordPress Support with the Domain Hosting Service. WordPress is an important website creation tool. It also holds powerful website blogging and CMS capacity. Supposed to empower more than 25% of website strength over the internet. Therefore, keeping WordPress’s force in the domains is imperative. Hosting websites with WordPress would require the following:

1) PHP 7 or higher version

2) MYSQL 5.6 or higher version.

Services Essentials 

The website means a collection of various types of files. It involves other media elements like photographs. Domain Hosting implies renting a space on a reputed web server and store these files there.

As the hosting service provider, we also offer the following types of services to our esteemed clients:

1) Server Maintenance

2) Support

3)e-mail Accounts

4) FTP Access

5) WordPress authorization

Why people trust us for services

 Our top-notch, trustworthy, and professional Domain Hosting Service seem important to our clients for the following reasons:

It also improves Site Performance matters a lot when dealing with online affairs is considered. In reality, a few seconds is spare by an average viewer over a site. Therefore, the site detail should comprise materials to impress them within the short lapse of time.

So top-quality Hosting service ensures that the visitor gets the things he needed. The beautiful design of the sites will leave them entangled. The probability of conversion is also increasing thus.

Best Technical Support services

Moreover, our team of technical experts will do the needful to keep the client website running at its own pace. 

Ensuring website security services

Mysteriously, better parts of people are unaware of how a website can become insecure. As the top Web Designer Company in Kolkata, we are also committed to keeping your website safe. The process commences from the

Domain Hosting stage

Our team observes a lot of steps to cover your website from bugging or undue intrusion. We also ensure that no other site will able to the same server that our clients are using. Providing such a guarantee depends upon the nature of the services that the client is offering currently.

Guarantees Reliability 

As a leading Domain Hosting Service provider, we ensure uptime. That means the extent to which our client’s websites get online.

Customers will say. It is a natural response, and we aspire to assure them. In the process, as well as we have gathered over 99 percent online access.

The remaining hours expired in maintenance and repairs with the servers that help in keeping it updated. Our clients trust us as we have proven ourselves to be worthy of our words.

Features of our Domain Hosting Services Clustered Solutions 

With our beneficial Domain Hosting Service, clients can specify and cut back the same web hosting server details if there are parts that fit their custom needs.

Single, dual, or quad processors inspired by the latest technologies. We set the speed, RAM, OS, storage, and other fixtures for their data files.

Best content streaming

Vaskar Web experts work in a globally accentuated premium network. Therefore, larger files and videos are able in a low latency atmosphere. 

Cost-Effective Services

1)The backend bandwidth is provided free of cost. Both inbound and outbound bandwidth is involved in it.

2) Transfer of data requires no cost.

3) Clients enjoy our round-the-clock customer services throughout the year.

4) No hidden fees; pricing is Transparent.

Web Design and Development Service

website design and development services

Short brief Website design and development services

Vaskar Web, being the leader Web Development Services provider in Kolkata, has brought in several intuitive concepts into it. But, our responsibility is not limited to the development of the website. Our team of experts also feels that we should commence from the core. It implies that the development process should start with generating a website. We are allowed to design software for a particular client. Once we are aware of the exclusive test, communicating the best development will be as easy as icing a cake.

To our wonder, we also got the same experience from our client statement. They have made us offer the web designing service as a prefix of the development services. Today, we are also one of the top renowned Web Designer Kolkata Services.

Most of our clients, and we know, a better part of regular people, have little idea that Web Design differs highly from Web Development. The former is practically a subset of the latter.

Web Design Services

Web design means creating a website. The functionalities involved in the total gamut include creating webpage layout, content production, and graphic designer.

With such involvement, As well as web designing becomes the most beautiful part of the website. We have a team of expert design programmers who can create an excellent layout by design principles.

We are also committed to offering the best kind of Web Designer Kolkata Services to our valued customers. To do this, we sit with the client before starting work with the project. Besides, detailed chatting and change of ideas enable us to know the essential objectives behind such a design.

Perfect knowledge about the objectives helps us build an ideal and Information Architecture. Such a structural designer supports us to set an information hierarchy that guides the design process.

In the following phase, they start creating the wireframe of the website. In the final stage, whoever initiates the designing aspect. 

What are your principles of Web Design?

Our team of expert Web Designers uses several fundamental design principles. Such principles help them offer the client an attractively pleasing website layout. It proposed the best user experience too.


Our top-seeded Web Designer Kolkata service teams know the importance of a balanced layout in the website.

The balanced layout means the inclusion of heavy and light elements. Heavy elements refer to large and dark colors. On the contrary, light elements base small and bright colors.

Both of these elements are using in the correct proportion of a website. Result in the formation of a balanced website designing.


Emphasis is an important design principle for Web Designing. Its found in the intentional “highlighting” of specific parts in the website layout. Again, such focus needs rational thinking. The members of our expert team also have an acute sense of limitation. Therefore, limited Emphasis principles are using to impart an intensifying overall look to the website.


It involves the repetition of rhythm. Clean and consistent navigation provides the best UI for website visitors.


It means the relationship between different parts of the website layout. Also, unity helps in bringing parity to the website composition. With the application of Gestalt theory, our expert group and regroup the elements into categories. Perfect synchronization helps the visitors organize the entire information provided on the web page. Theme Customized website designing team will consider the following aspects while configuring a website:

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1) Graphic Designing

2) Functionality

3) Placement of Elements

Importance of website design services

The use of well-researched and appropriate font and color help the website become more designated. As well as placement of the right color in the proper position helps the website reflect more authenticity. Visitors will find reasons to stay over there for some additional time.

Our team of Web Designer Kolkata Services knows the importance of a professionally designed website. Besides, offering information in the simplest languages is also imperative.

Simplicity in design helps a user to focus on the vital information with added integrity. The ability to radiate important information with the easy flow helps in better conversion too.

Importance of client project

Before the commencement of the work, As well as, we like to sit with the client. The main intention for such sitting is to grab crystal ideas about the exact need of the customer. We ask some simple questions about the business the owner continues and the purpose of making the website.

Moreover, every online business puts additional focus on maximizing sales. It brings up the growth. This correct use of website pages on the part of the designing. The team entails a perfect and detailed understanding of the client’s business. Appropriate knowledge of the purpose helps our team ensure the best delivery of the message.

On gathering this essential information, the team also sets up the exact strategy for configuration. With the appropriate implementation of the scheme, moreover, assure optimum client contentment.

Web Development services

 The job is a high-tech specialized job. Persons performing such activities are often called Programmers.

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Website Development Services involve tasks related to developing a website. Such sites are usually hosting through the internet. A computer system is using as the hosting media called the server.

The process starts with web designing. Later it continues through various other processes involving web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

As the best web development company in Kolkata team perform the coding or programming job. Coding enables website functionality. We do it according to the exclusive needs of the owner or user.

The website Development process mainly constitutes the non-design aspects of configuring a website. Therefore, this involves coding and writing program.

Besides, the entire range commences with the creation of plain text pages. The other aspects of the full process involve developing complex web-based applications, various social area network applications, and other electronic business applications.

The net hierarchy comprises:

1) Client-side coding

2) Server-side Coding

3) Use of DBA technology.

Professional Web Development Services

Vaskar Web ensures professional Web Development Services. With this, we mean the providence of end-to-end Website Development that caters to the full need of website requirements.

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With diversified experience, our talented and acknowledged team indulges lives on the websites. Besides, the web development team knows that the best visibility and usability can make a delivery website.

Intricate detailing helps our users stay at a competitive edge over their peers. As well as the use of the latest technologies assists the websites freed from loading hassles.

We have also engaged a team of online marketing specialist, who performs the entire online marketing on various online and social media platforms.

The use of the latest SEO techniques makes the sites optimized for search engines. We also thus can ensure better SERP positioning. Better optimizing techniques help this user-friendly navigation.

Besides, a better understanding of the customs requirements helps our Web Development Services Kolkata team serve our client the best. Working closely with enterprise-level customers help us create an excellent, high performing website. We want to ensure that we have a professional tool and experience for every type of professional requirements.

Features of our Services and skill-set we demonstrate

Vaskar Web, while considered as long as one of the top web development companies in Kolkata, provides the following set of services. The demonstration of such skills has helped us mount to the apex.

Responsive Website Design services

Moreover, we have planned the entire website responsibly. Therefore, our website will be able to open various devices. Users are thus also able to get the best experience.

They can enjoy the complete service while relaxing on the bed with a small mobile or palmtop in your hand.

PSD to HTML services

Our web designer Kolkata service experts offer PSD to HTML conversion services. The competitive range of prices also has made such offerings extremely popular.

With the pattern, you will avail of completely responsive, top-quality moreover W3C validated PSD to HTML/CSS solutions to the website. You can also contact us for availing of this beautiful service.

Website Redesign services

We offer our customer’s Website Redesign services. Such a service helps the website become faster, as well as more interactive, and mobile-friendly. With such packages, we support the site offer an enhanced look and better feel.

It will help the user to engage as well as more traffic to the webpage. Leads and conversions will also go upward.

Our redesign services are regarding the lowered budget and reasonable timeline.

Website Maintenance services

Our web development services Kolkata packages also include Website Maintenance features. Get in touch to get a top-quality website support system for your trade.

Development Services

PHP & Open Source Development

 The rationale behind this is its capacity to meet the business objectives fast.

Moreover, the topper web development services Kolkata team experts are well-conversant in implementing and expanding the open-source platform for the sake of individual client business perspective.

With their powerful hands-on experience, they can comfortably manage most of the platforms in use.

They also guided me to use easy practices of the programs. Therefore, users get the best experience out of it.

As well as open-source development takes into account numerous portfolios. These include solutions for social networking, travel, E-commerce solutions, Customer Relationship Management, business applications, content management solutions, real estate websites, multilingual websites, and classifieds.

However, High-quality PHP program development, B2B open source solutions, and E-commerce website development solutions are solutions to our clients.

Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile app service

Short brief of Android Apps services

We are firm by the desire to give the best user experience to our clients. Therefore, all the websites are also mobile-responsive. Our best web development company in the Kolkata team has been successful in designing fantastic Smart-Phone Application software. Besides, we also offer better solutions for businesses, though APPS offers added looks.

Before the commencement of the entire work, the team prefers to discuss with the prospective clients. With such pre-defined ideas, the development of appropriate strategies becomes more feasible.

These APPs thus developed are extensively personalized. Moreover, The clients are also confident of advanced digital experience.

HTML5 Development Services

Vaskar Web, with the association of its top web development company in the Kolkata team, offers reckoned HTML5 development solutions to its clients. Our HTML5 service has specific demands in various top-seeded businesses in the city. Thanks to the intuitive and innovative approach of the whole team. They also have continuously strived to grapple with newly-bred applications that meet the tailor-made demands of the businesses.

Our Offer

Assuming agile efforts have helped us pioneer several new approaches in software development.

Moreover, the entire team comprises numerous expert developers who are working over inspiring web technologies. Their ability to maintain consistency and offer efficiency has helped us stay focused on delivering HTML5 enabled solutions.

Our HTML development team has the highest guts and experience in this development field. As well as the entire team is confident in using specific HTML-enabled tools. These include CSS3, Javascript, XML, JSON, and various others.

The use of these powerful tools has helped us user-friendly business APPs. These APPs are also enjoying their reliability and availability at the best prices.

Besides the tools mentioned above, our team of talented and experienced developers needs to use several other technologies. The use of these technologies helps the packages stay adept and updated.

The expert team of the Vaskar Web is intense about website development. They strive for learning and updating themselves. Crest’s innovative approach reflects in the way Mobile Apps developed. You will find an intuitive procedure in the application software developed for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows mobile sets.

The use of nascent technologies has also inspired the web development services Kolkata team also develop cross-platform Mobile Apps.

These cross-platform apps are created by using Blackberry Webworks, Phone-Gap, Rho-mobile, and Titanium accelerator.

Range of Services offer

Under HTML5, our clients get a host of services. In the bracket,

the following services are registered and offered:

1) HTML5 Application Development

2) User-Interface Design and Prototyping with HTML5

3) HTML Mobile App

4) The Plug-in Development

5) Customer Migration Services are also designed with HTML

6) We help our customers in developing their website using HTML

7) Application Maintenance and tuning

8) QA Testing of Applications.

Best Applicability on Mobile Development services

HTML5 offers the best user experience when offered on mobile sets. The top web development company in Kolkata team developer uses the skill to create consistent and clean codes. These codes are used automatically on several platforms.

 It means a single program will find applications in iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Window Phones. It helps in cutting costs for the owner too.

 Users can impart the best response to the websites.

 HTML5 helps detect the devices to be scan. It then renders a version of the website that fits ironically with types of browser, screen resolution, and size. It helps the user get a wholesome browsing experience irrespective of the device used.

 The input types are advanced. Therefore, browsers handle more information. The time for downloading the JavaScript code is also less. The user also browses more within a given time.

 HTML5 helps in integrating rich audio and video with native codes. No need to use Flash or Silverlight to run videos on the mobile.

SEO & Social Media Marketing

SEO and Social marketing services

The full meaning of this word is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the quality of traffic reach to your website. There is many search engine available all over the world. As long as an example, Google, Yahoo, Bing. But Google search engine is the best search engine all over the world.  

For example, A new product base website is launch by you. Nobody knows about your website or products. After that, the next question will come, how is it possible? 

Every search robot abides by particular rules and regulations. Which search engine according to the website content. Search engines arrange websites according to their importance.

So your website abides by these systems means you will able that this is the correct website that searches by visiting. Our SEO specialist Kolkata team also able to give these services   


Social Media Marketing

Vaskar Web offers specific integration over Social Media Marketing services. Mostly the members of young people are increasingly converging their attention to various Social Media platforms.

These platforms also offer them opportunities to connect with like-minded peers across the globe. A large share of their spare time is spent following other posts, forming and posting their views. They make friends and exchange opinions through these platforms.

Companies are more inclined to advertise their class through these mediums. Our best social media marketing Kolkata team helps clients to connect with the audience to the platform.

Our performance in Social Marketing

We have already well-known as one of the top Social Media Marketing services in Kolkata. Our team of experts makes use of social media platforms to connect to their target audience. The ability to link with lots of people in a single run helps drive traffic to the advertisements. It also assures optimum conversions and augmenting the sales figure.

The marketing without any website. Summation of the entire job involves:

1) Publishing content in Social Media profiles created for the purpose,

2) Engaging followers and listening to their queries,

3) Analysing the results,

4) Running advertisements on the platform.

Pros of our Social Media Marketing services Kolkata

With our Social Media marketing services, companies are beneficiaries in various ways. They are

5) Able to grow both sales and loyalty base among followers.

6) Our experienced team can generate specific content.

7) Audio-visual contents are created for better understanding.

8) Continuous back-up helps retain customers too.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

We inspire our clients towards advertising in Social Media. The main reason is the scope to avail of direct promotion opportunities without any website link.

Creating a website had always been an expensive affair. By placing advertisements on Facebook or Instagram walls, the cost of setting up a well-served and also appealing website is saving.

While you are working through a business website, there are costs of maintenance. Without upholding and updating, you can not expect good results. The website will not appear at the desired SERP position. People would not find it as well as the client will lose the leads. With direct advertisement, As well as you will skip those expensive affairs.

Our Social Media marketing services Kolkata team also assures the clients about the regular upkeep of the advertisement. We will work in close connection with the customer service team. 

Types of Social Marketing

We offer the following types of Social Media Marketing Services for our Kolkata clients. These include:

1. Facebook.

2. Youtube.

3. Twitter.

4. Instagram.

5. LinkedIn.

6. Snapchat.

The mediums are chosen based on the best social media marketing Kolkata team research. But the choice of platform depends on several factors. These include:

1) Location of the highest number of potential customers

2) Accessibility of target customers

3) We conduct symbolic tests called the A/B test. It helps us identify the platform where the target audience prefers to find and research advertisements.

Facebook Marketing services

We encourage our clients to place advertising on Facebook walls. Facebook holds the maximum number of online numbers at this moment. Also, a suitably placed advertisement momentarily reaches to them. Therefore, the product or product gets the attention of the target customer.

Our Facebook Marketing Team Kolkata creates and actively uses the page generated for the advertisement purpose. Such pages act as a communication channel for attracting a potential audience. We also offer regular maintenance. 

Businesses employing Facebook Marketing Strategy

We make selective approaches for our Facebook Marketing Kolkata chapter. Despite the potential and is one of the topmost aggressive methods, the strategy suits limited forms of businesses.

The expert marketing team deploys Facebook marketing strategy for the following kinds of businesses:

1) Brands: Restaurants, Food Chain, home supplies, electronic devices are promoting through Facebook. Continuous working on the product link or the website attachment helps us get the best results.

2) Local Survey: Moreover, we offer services to companies spread across Kolkata. We have found that local operators deprived of customers. Our Facebook Marketing Kolkata team helps them in getting back to that client base. Besides, our torrent promotional effort has produced a lot of GEN-Y customers for them.

3) Personalities: Facebook marketing also range is open for professionals. Celebs like the authors, musicians, columnists, and other people for various occupational areas are enjoying our services.

4) NGO & NPO: Natural sharing capability of this popular social media platform works well for various charitable organizations and other NGOs. They can depict their missions on the authentic channel page.

Politicians promote their manifesto through such pages. Various Government Organizations also put forward their public service campaigns with our Facebook Marketing Kolkata effort.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook Marketing Team Kolkata ensures the following leverages for our respectable clients:

1) Target audience is grabbed from a cross-over of locations.

2) Continuous update about Brand and product. It converts passive customers and casual visitors into loyal followers.

3 Low-cost advertisement.

4) Ability to get an insight into the audience.

5) GEN-Y people prefer getting services from their home abode. Close association with the customer service team ensures fulfillment of the criteria.

Youtube Marketing

As the matter comes to content marketing, we endeavor video presentation as an up-and-comer. As well as making videos has also done a stir in developing a marketing strategy. With elapse of time, people have started to express their passion for video content only. 

Youtube also has emerged as the second-best search engine after Google. 

Even though more than 1 billion people are used the site for their business augmentation, the use is mere 9% for us. 

Our learned Youtube marketing team in Kolkata is quite aware of the fact. Therefore, it has formulated an appropriate strategy based on the following consideration:

Stress on proper research

Research for youtube marketing differs a bit from SEO marketing or other modes of digital marketing.

Unlike SEO, articles and blogs play no integral part in youtube marketing. Besides, you need to headfirst into video content that has no essential information.

Our team members are also skilled in forming video content for digital marketing. They are conversant about the types of successful videos.

Creating useful and creative contents

While creating content for Youtube, we consider the relevance of videos in attracting public attention.

The current day people find videos more interactive and engaging than blogs, articles, or other E-books. Moreover, the site would offer a billion topics to make the entire presentation a mind-blowing one. 

We are striving to make out the full potential of this opportunity. 

Consistency is required

Another reason for the lesser use of Youtube marketing is the high production cost. You require a script, find suitable actors to play the role, film, and edit. The entire also process will cut off valuable time.

But, you can not stop after a unique performance. Consistency is the epitome of digital marketing. Therefore, you must update your current video with new and other relevant input.

Twitter Marketing services

Vaskar Web, with its elaborate Social Media marketing services Kolkata team also ensures active reach to the target audience. Moreover, Marketing through social media platforms is proving to have high potential in this regard.

Our intuitive researches and the relevant application have proved that marketing through twit is very useful for small entrepreneurs. Smaller businesses need real-time customer engagement that needs an engaging caption. We have also developed an expert Twitter Marketing team in Kolkata with a high capacity to post engaging caption. We encourage start-up units to commence with this type of marketing.

Engaging people with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a strong lead generating channel. Its capability depends on how much effort is providing over the twits. Refreshing twits and re-twits helps in creating engagement.

Our Twitter Marketing Kolkata team also knows the importance of regular posting and responding to the visitor’s tweet. Benefits

Our Twitter Marketing Kolkata service brings out a host of benefits for the clients. These are such ascribed:

1) All the fleeting opinions are shared.

3) Twits constitute brief messages enabling our clients to listen to opinions.

Instagram Marketing

For the last few years, we secure continuously push-up from people to start marketing with the Instagram social media platforms. We have asked the Social Media marketing services Kolkata team to consider this. They have brought inspiring outcomes by way of searching.

In the past 3 to 4 years, our Instagram Marketing concept has skyrocketed. 

Why Instagram Marketing is popular

1) Instagram allows its users to send pictures. The crystal clarity of the image offers vivid exponent about a product,

2) Our Instagram Marketing Kolkata team promotes the products and services of our clients with added ease.

3) Perfect synchronization of pictures tells them stories that help them in decision-making.

4) Vaskar Web team participates in the photo contest. Visitors asked to tag a particular picture for participating. Once marked, the tagger will urge his/her nexus to vote for the tagged image.

5) Participators with the highest votes become the winner. 

6) Grabbing prizes may help in generating loyalty too.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing Kolkata

7) Our Instagram Marketing Kolkata team knows the individual choice pattern of customers. It is possible as all of them participated in the photo contest.

8) Actual picture of products and services is presented on the page.

9) Drive traffic for the website if twit link is putting on the webpage.

10) Reach also to a new audience through referral.

12) The platform is also one of the highest sales boosters.

Marketing via YouTube

YouTube is one of the leading social media platforms. It ushers functionalities through streaming videos. Thus, if you plan to build any marketing effort through this popular platform, making relevant videos is necessary.

Our self-vested Social Media marketing services Kolkata team also knows how to establish and nurture a brand through interactive videos. Such videos can also generate followers that help in product promotion. Moreover, the conversion is the quick follower.


Online videos are gaining height among GEN-Y people like anything. It helps you learn many things while staying in isolation.

Therefore, businesses use the medium for the proper propagation of their products and services.

We encourage our clients to add some effort to the YouTube Marketing Kolkata listing.

The benefits can be attributed thus:

1) Our YouTube Marketing Kolkata team ensures Google SERP with YouTube advertisements.

2) Help in worldwide audience growth.

3) Video AdWords is used to target a prospective audience.

4) Helps to enhance the authority of the webpage when provided with a YouTube link.

5) Sharing of videos helps in better, powerful, and wide-area promotion.

6) Audiences get additional options for consumption.

7) Contents stay forever.

8) YouTube lets out an opportunity for regular users to make money through AdSense.

9) Popular videos are promoted by visitors. They help in better circulation of the video through sharing.

10) It also helps in referral promotion.

11)Moreover, such visitors generally become loyal customers.


To get better knowledge about our Social Media marketing services in Kolkata and other promotional services, contact us.